About Jakarta

Jakarta officially called as Special Capital Region of Jakarta is the 13th largest city in the world. Located on the northwest cost of world’s most populous island JAVA, it is the political as well as commercial capital of Republic of Indonesia. It is 2nd largest urban city in the in terms of population. Jakarta is not a city, actually it’s province but it has gained a special status of being the capital city. Due to the business opportunities, higher living standard & fast pace growth presented by Jakarta, it is also called the big apple of Indonesia. Established in the 14th century, the city got its actually name in 1972 before changing its name five times. Before the world war II, Indonesia was a Dutch colony & you can still find some proud presence of it in old Jakarta.

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Attractions Around Jakarta

Taman Mini Indonesia Idah

Opened on 20th April 1975, Taman Mini Indonesia Idah is also called as Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. Widespread in the area of about 250 acres, it is a culture-based theme park which represents the Indonesian culture so beautifully with all its tradition. The specialty of this park is at one place you can visit entire country’s lifestyle because each province has a separate section which is beautifully crafted. This makes it the most popular destination of the city.

National Monument

Located in heart of the city, National Monument is Jakarta’s most famous landmarks across the city. It is a 132m tower built at the center of Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta to symbolize the fight of Indonesian Independence. It houses the red & white flag which is flown on 17th Aug 1945, the day of Independence. It was center of government buildings during the dutch colonial days & now it also the office of president of Indonesia and its cabinet.

Jakarta History Museum

Established in 1707, Jakarta History Museum is also known as Fatahillah Museum or Batavia Museum. Located in the old part of the city, now known as Jakarta Kota, the museum displays the object from prehistoric period of city till its independence. It was the administrative headquarters of the Dutch East India Company & later Dutch government. It was built in 1710 by the governor general van Riebeeck & in 1974 it was opened for the common people. To bring more liveliness into this old region, Jakarta Government has organized various cultural activities.

National Museum of Indonesia

Established in 1778, National Museum of Indonesia is the one of the biggest museum of its kind across the country. Located in the central Jakarta, in the west side of Merdeka Square, National Museum has established itself as one of the most popular traveler attraction across the capital. It comprises of history, cultural, geography and architecture of whole Indonesia. So if you are a history lover, this a must-see place for you. It is popularly known as Elephant Building because of the elephant statue in the front.

Ragunan Zoo

Located in south Jakarta, Rangunan Zoo is one of the first of its kind in the Indonesia. It was established in 1864 but the current location of the zoo was started on 22nd June 1966. Widespread in the area of 350 acre, Rangunan Zoo is a home to over 270 different species of animals. It is the third oldest and second largest zoo in the world with diverse animals and plants. The statue of elephant in the zoo is a big traveler attraction as it has become one of the iconic photography spot.

Istiqlal Mosque

Inaugurated in 1978, Istiqlal Mosque is owned by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesian Republic. Today, it is the largest mosque in southeast Asia in terms of structure and capacity. Located in the area of Central Jakarta, the mosque is positioned next to Merdeka Square & Jakarta Cathedral. “Istiqlal” means Independence & to mark the fight of Indonesian Independence this was built.

Ancol Dreamland

Founded in 1966, Ancol Dreamland is a part of Ancol Bay City, which is located on the Jakarta Waterfront. Currently it is the largest integrated tourism area in southeast Asia. Ancol Dreamland is a massive tourism resort that consists of many amusement parks, which makes it a popular family holiday destination. While it is not possible to cover the entire fantasy world in a single day, you can enjoy different flavour in different sections.

Merdeka Palace

Constructed in 1873, Merdeka Palace is one of the six presidential palace in the Indonesia. It is located on the north of the Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta is the official residence of the President of Indonesia. It was previously used as the residence of the Governor of Dutch East India Company during the colonial era. It is the place where every year the Independence celebration takes place on Aug 17th.

National Gallery of Indonesia

Established on 8th May 1999, National gallery of Indonesia is an art museum institute and center of modern & contemporary art. The aim of this institute is to protect, develop & promote cultural and art of Indonesia. This is now comes under the Ministry of Education & Culture & located in the capital city of Jakarta. This gallery attracts a lot of artist around the globe.

Bank Mandiri Museum

Established on 2nd Oct 1998, Bank Mandiri Museum is an economic museum located in the old Jakarta city in Northern Jakarta. It is a unique kind of museum which you won’t see often at other places in the world. The museum is in the former headquarters of Netherlands Trending Society, which was the ancestor of ABN AMRO bank.

Things to Do in Jakarta

Visit Monas also called as the National Monument. It is a huge tower symbolizing the fight of Indonesian Independence. You can also visit the National Museum which is nearby to it. They are open daily between 8 am to 3 pm. Today, Monas is regarded as the icon of the city and one of the most visited places in Jakarta. The best time to visit this place is in the evening just before the sunset.

Visit the Thousand Island. You don’t need to go to Bali for this scenic experience, take a boat ride from Jakarta for few hours & you are about to find perfect escape from city’s lifestyle. It is a lovely collection of islands which provides you with beautiful beaches, magnificent scenery & delightful food. Some portion of this islands are allocated for the National Park while other are for resort.

Jakarta is often referred as the “City that never sleeps”. It is because of its charming night life, so if you are planning to go to Jakarta, always experience the skyline. The city has some great nightclub, so if you are a dance lover go to one of the clubs in the city & experience the proper nightlife with the locals. But let me let you that Jakarta is Asia’s most expensive city when its comes to clubbing with average entrance price around 200,000.

Visit the historic Trafalgar Square and know about how British Navy overcome the challenges in the battle of Trafalgar. It is also a popular place for social gatherings. It is also a home to Nelson Column, a monument built in the memory of Admiral Nelson who died during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. It is also famous for its Christmas tree during festive season, which is the biggest in the entire city.

If you are looking for a family holiday resort in Jakarta, Ancol Bay is the ideal place to visit. It has some of the most amazing amusement park plus it also includes a golf club & a section of marine rides. Known as Jakarta’s largest and most popular recreation parks, Ancol Bay has range of attraction right from the wonderful sea to lovely pool to the delightful restaurants. It is opened on Mon to Sat from 2pm to 9pm & on Sun from 10am to 9pm.

Visit Istiqlal Mosque - the largest mosque in the southeast ASIA. It was built as a symbol of the fight during the Independence movement. Non-Muslim are also allowed in the mosque. Inaugurated in 1978, the mosque is owned by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia Republic. With a capacity around 120,000 it is open on each of the week from 4am in the morning to 12pm in the noon.

If you are interested in the prehistory era of the Jakarta city, you must visit the old city sites. There are still some parts where you will find the effect of Dutch Colony culture. While the city has become a global business hub, the travelers are still attracted a lot towards the old city which represents the tradition & culture of the country. You can also take the 4 hour walking tour of the old city at a cost of 49 euro per person.

Visit the Merdeka Square - an iconic place from the history as well as political prospective. Currently it is the residence of President of Indonesia & previously it was the administrative center for Dutch Government. Regarded as the one of the largest square in the world, Merdeka Square is surrounded by many important Government buildings. It remains busy for all the seven days of the week.

Visit Pasar Baru - the oldest market of Jakarta. It is place fill with flowers & vintage flowers. If you are a food lover you will find traditional Indonesian street food here. Situated in heart of the city, Paras Baru offers you fusion of Indonesian, Chinese & Indian cultures. Also regarded as the “Little India”, it has separate area dedicated to traditional Indian market & delightful Indian cuisine.

Visit the SKYE BAR - one of the tallest places you have ever visited in Jakarta. It makes for a wonderful evening on 56th floor of BCA Tower with most picturesque surroundings. With its South-American architecture & spacious ambiance, it attracts a lot of tourist around the globe. While the outdoor area is especially designed for lounge at night, the indoor area is dedicated to “all day dine” restaurant. It is opened everyday of the week from 11.30 in the morning to 2.30 in the night

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