About London

London draws in very large varieties of visitors as well as could be a pricey location to visit. Nevertheless, there is still much you could see and do for a cost-free and cheap flight ticket from London to Paris also cheap car rentals in east London and last minute hotels in the UK. Traveler destinations are mainly in Central London and there is also cheap car rentals in east London and last minute hotels in the UK. Strategy your day well. London is a large area and if you are not mindful you may discover on your own investing most of the day taking a trip. It's worth reserving or cheap flight tickets from London to Paris in advance for any major destinations - consisting of The Tower of London - which will conserve you a lot of time - often the queues can take hrs so get cheap car rentals in East London for saving your time. London is one of the fascinating cities in the world. To get an experience of all this lovely place we have to must visit this place with cheap flight ticket from London to Paris and to stay in luxury hotels deal with last minute hotels in the UK along with cheap car rentals in east London. I say fascinating for a reason because very few cities in the world have a magnificent combination of ancient heritage as well as the global modernization as London have. Situated on the banks of Thames river in the south-east of a breathtaking Great Britain, east London is the most-visited city by the travellers across the globe. Being a political capital of England & UK is one thing, but London has also been designated as world's leading investment centre. At one end the history is ready to mesmerize you, while at the other end modern marvels are ready to welcome you. So if you are in London, pack your bags & get ready find last minute hotels in the UK to be bamboozled by this gem and also get last minute hotels in the UK along with cheap car rentals in east London.

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Attractions Around London

Big Ben

If you love a piece of history, then this is the place you must visit in London with last minute hotels in the UK and cheap car rentals in east London. Established in 1859, Big Ben attracts a lot of crowd from different corners of the world. Big Ben is the nickname of the huge bell (which weighs 13 tons) inside the clock tower located in Westminster area to visit this wonderful area pack your bag and get cheap flight tickets from London to Paris along with last minute hotels in the UK and cheap car rentals in east London. This tower was renamed as “Elizabeth Tower” as a part of former queen’s diamond jubilee celebration in 2012. After this, you can even explore Paris with our support cheap flight tickets from London to Paris which is again the romantic place and for stay get last minute hotels in the UK, cheap car rentals in east London. The big wheel which gives you a panoramic view of London do not miss this view book you flight with cheap flight tickets from London to Paris. It is the world's greatest monitoring wheel and also supplies passenger’s magnificent views of over 55 of London's most renowned spots and to stay you will get last minute hotels in the UK also cheap car rentals in east London for visit all places.

London Eye

Located in the heart of the capital, London Eye is one of the modern marvels that must be on your checklist. It is one huge Ferris wheel (Europe’s largest) rotating over River Thames. The most scintillating views given by it makes it the most popular places in the capital. The historical building of Houses of Parliament opposite to it makes it even more spectacular.

Tower Of London

Founded in 1066 & officially called as her majesty’s Royal Palace & Fortress, Tower of London is a home of Crown Jewels of England. It is located in on the banks of River Thames in the central London. If you are lover of king & his kingdoms, then this is the place to be for sure. Every wall of the palace has a piece of history associated with it.

Tower Bridge

Built between 1886 & 1894, Tower Bridge is symbol of finest piece of craftsmanship & engineering that you will ever see. Today, it has become iconic symbol of London due to its marvellous architecture. Technically, it is a combination of bascule & suspension bridge which is a rare combo. The bridge deck is freely accessible for both vehicles & pedestrians.

Buckingham Palace

Built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham, Buckingham Palace is one of the few remaining working palace in the modern era of democracy. Located in posh area of Westminster, this place is still the focal point for many of the national joy as well as mourning. It has been open for the visitors in the summer for the last 20 years

River Thames

Whether you are old school person with laid back approach who like slow-pace walk & talk around the countryside or you are adventures in nature, you will definitely fall in love with River Thames because it offers you diversity. With the length of 346 Km, Thames is the largest river of England.

Palace of Westminster

Located on the most scenic background on banks of River Thames in central London, Palace of Westminster is political center of England. Many of the important issues of the nation are discussed here in front of elected representatives. It is also known as the Houses of Parliament. It was first built in the 11th century before being rebuilt in 19th century.

Hyde Park

Established in 1536 by Henry VIII, Hyde Park is one of the largest city parks in the world covering over 350 hectors of land. It was open for the public in the 17th century & from thereon, it’s been a catching lots of eye-balls. The USP of Hyde Park is that besides being just a park, you can do lot of other activities like swimming, cycling, skating etc. It also has who lakeside restaurants just in case you want to grab some food.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Originally built in the 13th century, St Paul’s Cathedral was rebuilt in the 17th century & from thereon it’s become an icon of London city. Located on the Ludgate Hill, which is the highest point of the city, St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the oldest church in the country. Inspite of being in the 21st century, the cathedral has always maintain its rich traditions and dignity. It is the seat for Bishop of London.

Trafalgar Square

Located in area of central London, Trafalgar Square has been a must see place for any visitor that comes to London. It was named after the victory of Battle of Trafalgar, a battle that took place in the 19th century with British Navy having war with France and Spain at Cape Trafalgar. Since then the square has been often used for social gathering and political demonstrations.

Things to Do in London

Visit the magnificent Museum of London to discover its history & culture. If you love a piece of history this is the place that will attract you most just come and visit with cheap flight tickets from London to Paris along with will get last minute hotels in the UK also cheap car rentals in east London. The visit to the museum is of free of cost & it is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm so plan your trip accordingly. So step inside the wonderful museum & discover the city of London with cheap flight tickets from London to Paris along with last minute hotels in the UK and explore all these places get cheap car rentals in East London.

Take a ride of Cable Car to see beautiful city from the top. The cable car trip take around 10 mins in peak hours of the day. But if you can manage to visit it at the night you may get 12-13 min ride. Also known famously as “The Emirates Cable Car” by the locals, the ride is open daily between 7am to 10pm & costs you around 4-5 pounds for adults & 1-2 pounds fro children.

You can also take 30-min ride of London Eye, an experience of lifetime. London Eye will take you 40 kms above the ground level on a clear day to leave you with some beautiful landscapes. You can book your ticket well in advance online on the website of London Eye which offers you some great discount as well. It remains open between 10am in the morning to 8.30 pm in the evening.

If you are visiting London in summer, don’t forget to view Buckingham Palace. This will be an experience you will cherish for lifetime, as it takes you closer to royalty. Taking open-bus tour can be a good option to visit this place. Today, Buckingham Palace is a not only home of the Queen & Prince but also the administrative office for the monarchy & a place where the majesty invites his royal guests.

Climb the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral to see breathe-taking views. It is situated on the highest point of London so it will mesmerize you with whole city in the backdrop and you will be able to see the rich tradition of the church as well. It is one of the most visited & recognizable sites of London which is opened with morning prayer around 7.30 am, but the time for sightseeing is between 8:30 am to 4.00 pm.

Explore the historic Greenwich mean time line & feel the part of little of history associated with it. You are at the center of the world time & time to explore the astronomy. Also known as the Prime Meridian, Greenwich mean time line an imaginary line which passing through the Greenwich borough indicating the zero longitude since 1884. You will be surprised to know that the location of Greenwich line is near a bin.

Visit the historic Trafalgar Square and know about how British Navy overcome the challenges in the battle of Trafalgar. It is also a popular place for social gatherings. It is also a home to Nelson Column, a monument built in the memory of Admiral Nelson who died during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. It is also famous for its Christmas tree during festive season, which is the biggest in the entire city.

Visit the 8 famous royal parks of London, especially Hyde Park which is one of the largest city parks in the world with the activity of swimming.skating,cycling associated with it. It also has 2 lakeside restaurants where you can enjoy some English breakfast. It is the best way to get away from the hustle of the modern city & relax yourself in the lap of nature. It is free of cost & opened during every day of the year.

Take a boat trip on River Thames and see the iconic sites of London in a single ride. There are various rides available at different times, so according to your schedule you can visit this place. Whether you take the adventurous & adrenaline-pumping speedboat ride or luxurious cruise with lovely dinner, the experience is one for the lifetime. You should book your ticket in advance for the river ride as it remains very busy during holidays.

Visit the iconic Madame Tussaud wax museum. With over 300 stunning wax figures, you can have a chance to see your favorite celebrity & take selfie maybe! Named after the wax sculptor Marine Tussaud, it is one of the most visited tourist place in the world. There is no time restriction for the visitors, but it is recommended that you should at-least spare 2hrs for this wonderful place.

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