About Rome

Founded in 753 b.c. on the banks Tiber River, Rome is the capital city of Italy. With nearly 3 million resident, Rome is the fourth most populous city in Europe. Rome’s history is nearly 2500 years old which makes it one of the most ancient city in the world with rich culture & history. You will be surprised to know that the first resident of the city were not Romans, instead they were the prince of Alba Longa, a city-kingdom located to the south of Rome. The Vatican City is an independent country inside the boundary of Rome, making it the only city in the world has a country inside of it. Currently, Rome is 13th most visited city in the world & 3rd most visited city in Europe. The UNESCO has also listed its rich history as a World Heritage Site. The mascot of Rome is a she-wolf, as suggested by the mythological founders of the city. The first ever shopping mall was built in the city way back in 107 AD, which is mind-boggling. Another ridiculous fact of Rome is that it has an entire museum dedicated to pasta. To enjoy this all beautiful places n Rome you will get last minute hotel deals Rome.

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Attractions Around Rome


Build around 70-72 A.D. by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian dynasty, Colosseum or The Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheatre is a massive oval-shaped amphitheater located in the heart of the city. Built with concrete & sand, it is one of the largest amphitheaters in the world. In the era of Roman Empire, it was used for 100 days of games which includes the gladiator combat & animal fights. It could hold around 50,000 to 80,000 spectators with an average audience around 65,000. Rome has plenty places that give a unique experience to tourist with cheap flights ticket from Rome to London.

Trevi Fountain

Designed by the Italian architect Nicola Salvi, Trevi Fountain is the largest fountain in the city & one of the most famous fountain in the world. There is a belief that if you toss a coin over your left shoulder by your right hand you will return to this place very soon. Due to this belief, the fountain receieves over 3000 euro every day which are given to a charitable trust. The fountain has also appeared in the notable films like La Doica Vita & Three Coins in the Fountain.

Roman Forum

Situated in the area between the Plazza Venezia & Colosseum, Roman Forum is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. It is rectangular forum which is surrounds by many ancient government buildings. In the old days, Roman forum was a center of attraction for elections, public speeches, gladiators matches, criminal trials & commercial affairs. The Roman Kingdom’s earlier shrines & temples were also located on this plaza.

Vatican Museums

Established in 1506, Vatican Museums comprises of masterpiece of paintings, sculpture & many other art collected by the Pope through the centuries. Located within the boundaries of The Vatican City, the museum approximately contains over 70,00 art work out of which 20,000 are on display. It also give employment to around 640 peoples who work in the various departments. It was founded by Pope Julius II & is the 6th most visited art museum in the world.

St. Peter’s Basilica

Build around the 17th century, St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the oldest chruches of The Vatican City. The chruch is bulit on the Vatican Hill, across the Tiber River. The significance of this location is huge because it is the very site where Peter - the apostle who is considered to be the first pope was buried in 64 A.D. It is regarded as the one of the holiest Catholic Shrines in the world which attracts around 15,000 to 80,000 pilgrims every year.


Build during the reigns of Augustus between 27 B.C. to 14 A.D., Pantheon is a Roman church which was previously built as a temple. Pantheon is a Greek adjective which means “The Temple of all Gods”. Today it is regarded as the best preserved ancient Roman monument. The fascinating part of Pantheon is its dome, which is the largest unsupported dome in the world. A lighting effect can be viewed on every April 21 (foundation date of Rome) when midday sun rays strikes the metal grill.

Piazza Navona

Build in the 1st century A.D, Piazza navona is an open space stadium located on the site of Stadium of Domitian in Rome. In the ancient era, The Romans regulary went there to watch the games. Earlier the name of the stadium was ‘Circus Agonalis’ which was chnaged over the time to ‘in agone’ to ‘navone’ and finally to ‘navona’. Regarded as the one of the most picturesque square of the city, it displays amazing works of Bernini, Boromini & Giacomo della Porta with 3 fountains & a church.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Build between 123 to 139 AD for the Roman Emperor Hadrian, Castel Sant’Angelo is a towering cylindrical shape building located Parco Adriano in Rome. From being the home to Roman Emperor to being the war outpost to being the state prison to being the home of the Pope to finally being a museum, the building has seen a loads of transformation over the years. It is one of the tallest buldings of the city.

Spanish Steps

Opened in 1725, Spanish Steps are a set of step for climbing the steep slope in the city of Rome which connects Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinta dei Monti. Designed by the architects Francesco de Sanctis & Alessandro Specchi, the stairway has exactly 135 steps which the most visitor count as 136 because they also consider the elevated drainage system as one step. It named after the Spanish Embassy located near the footsteps of Piazza di Spagna.

Villa Borghese Gardens

Built in 1605 by Scipione Borghese, nephew of Pope Paul V, Villa Borghese Gardens is the 3rd largest public park in the Rome. Right from the Piazza del Popolo to the top of Villa Borghese, Rome has been painted in a magnificent green canopy. Away from the modern concrete jungle, it brings a breathe of fresh air for visitors. It has a museum, a theatre, a bio park & numerous fountains which attracts a lot of tourist.

Things to Do in Rome

Visit the Colosseum - Any visit to Rome is incomplete without visiting this magnificent stone architecture that takes your breath away by offering you the rich history & culture of the Roman era. Today it has become one of the icon of the city & it can accommodate close to 50,000 spectators in the amphitheatre. Apart from this Rome has the best service for their tourist. Rome has a cheap car rental in Rome to start your adventure.

Walk through the history in the Roman Forum - If you want to know the past & presence of the Roman culture, then this the place that you must visit. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world which was a home many of the government buildings in the ancient times.

Throw a coin at Trevi Fountain - One of the most famous fountain in the world. It is famous for its popular belief that if you toss a coin over your left shoulder by your right hand, you will come back to this place soon. So visit the fountain & be part of the famous roman belief.

Visit the Pantheon - A temple which is now been converted into church is one of the must see site for the first time visitors in Rome. If possible plan your visit to this iconic place between 11am to 12pm so that you can enjoy the magnificent vision of sun-rays passing through the church & if its raining, it will even be more spectacular to watch.

Visit the Vatican Museum - Any visit to Rome is incomplete without visiting The Vatican City which is a country itself inside the peripherals of the city, which is a unique thing. Already famous as center point of Christianity, the city has 6th largest art museum in the world which is home to over 70,000 masterpieces.

Visit the St. Peter’s Basilica - Regarded as one of the largest church ever built, this is considered to be the place where the first pope was buried. Due to this fact, it has been regarded as holiest ever Christian Shrine in the world. The best day to visit this place are Wednesday & Sunday where The Pope himself comes for the prayer.

Visit the Trastevere - After traveling through the city during day-times, head across to Tiber riverfront to enjoy the dinner with a lovely sunset in the background. This place is perfect end a tiring day with lovely musicians nearby you. If you are a shopping lover & antique hunter, visit this place on the Sunday afternoon.

Visit the famous Piazza Navona - A magnificent square located on the site of Domitian Stadium is regarded as the most picturesque place in the city. In the ancient time it was a place which the Romans regularly visited to watch the games. The cafes here are exclusive, if you manage to book a table don’t forget to eat the incredible spaghetti.

Climb the Spanish Steps - Designed by a French architect & build in the Italian style, Spanish Steps are a 136 step stairway which offers you some to the most delightful views of the city. If you are interested in fashion then this street also offers you some of the finest boutiques going around the country.

Drink the Espresso - When in Rome, you must drink Espresso. The Italians are one the finest in the business when it comes to coffee making. You will often see many Roman citizens drinking espresso twice or thrice a day. Don’t miss out on this wonderful tradition.

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